Finding Humor in Yourself

What makes people laugh?  This seemingly simple question was unusually difficult for me to answer.  However, it did give me a chance to flashback through my life.  Then the answer hit me like an anvil – I make myself laugh.

People that know me will tell you that I am a bit silly & clumsy.  OK, so I am silly & clumsy.  A few of examples will prove this endearing quality of mine.

Halloween is arguably a child’s second favorite holiday besides Christmas.  Not mine.  At the age of seven, I was trick or treating and tripped down some cement steps.  I felt some slight pain, but I didn’t say anything.  After running around & playing with my cousins for a couple of hours, everyone sat down to eat.  My mother noticed that my right ankle was the size of a grapefruit.  After arguing with Mom (I am also stubborn) for a half hour, I agreed to go to the hospital.  The result: a broken ankle that tore the ligaments.

Fast forward to the age of eight.  I was crawling around playing with my younger brother.  My outstretched leg slammed against the stereo.  This resulted in two broken toes.

The paramount example of my clumsiness occurred a few years ago.  I leaned over to open a door to the bathroom vanity.  I was talented enough to catch the door in an eye socket.  This hurt like you-know-what.  There was no blood and no scratches, so I continued on with my chores.  When I awoke the next morning, my right eye was swollen shut and had more colors than a Sherwin-Williams store.  My co-workers thought I had been beaten.  My mother was not too pleased either.  They couldn’t believe that I really did lean over into a door.

When I think about these incidents, and believe me there are more, I still laugh so hard I cry.  The past year has been quite tough for me.  I have had to find joy in the little things.  This blog post has made me realize that humor lies within myself.  If I can’t laugh at myself, then who can I laugh at?


7 Responses to Finding Humor in Yourself

  1. DogWalkBlog says:

    A one-woman slap-stick show. You should write that up and perform on stage.

    Oh, wait you would have to break a leg a night. Hmmm.. lots of good shows open and close the same night 🙂

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  3. Denese says:

    they say there’s a gift and a lesson in every experience. maybe the gift in your clumsiness is teaching us how to laugh through pain. i just wish it didn’t have to hurt you so much! you’ve taught us our lesson … now, no more injuries 🙂

  4. Who wants to watch perfection anyway?? goofs make us human and that’s usually good for laughs but not when you get injured! I bumped into a door frame recently in the dark and thought I’d broke the frame, hurt like hallelujah! iced my face, happily no black eye. crazy bumps in the night half asleep, not so funny. I call it “one step off.” some days we just wake up imbalanced. try standing on one leg for a minute w/ eyes closed – near something for balance. might stabilize you. 😉 cindy @urbanverse

  5. For some reason I feel I need to start with “my condolences” but I won’t. clumsiness (paired with the ability to laugh at it) is something to be proud of . . . I think . . . as long as you don’t really really hurt yourself. “humor lies within myself.” << Agreed! And LOVVVVE the name. just sayin'

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