Not All People Are Bad

This week’s version of Let’s Blog Off is about where we get ideas.  A question was posed about what was our real fear. Being the analytical person that I am, I have decided to take this question literally and answer this question for my post.

Straight up, my true fear is being alone.  I know this sounds strange coming from someone who lives alone and paid her own way through college, but it is true.  While I enjoy my independence, I sometimes find myself missing the element of human interaction.  I miss talking to people.  Twitter & Facebook suffice, but it is not the same as sharing ideas over a meal with someone.  There is a difference.

Due to prior experiences, I am not exactly the easiest person to get to know.  I do not trust people very easily, and I am a control freak. Ironically, Twitter has taught me that not all people are bad.  I just wish that some of you lived closer, so we could chat.

Am I looking for Mr. Right?  No.  If it happens, it happens.  I could care less.  All I want is someone to bounce ideas off of, someone who will listen, and someone who will talk back to me.  My cat can only do the first two.

6 Responses to Not All People Are Bad

  1. Ginny Powell says:

    As a single person I understand. I keep trying to get friends to buy houses that go up for sale on my block but so far it hasn’t happened. I have found twitter helps because there is always someone there 24/7 and no one cares if I am in sweats.

  2. Kristin Brænne says:


  3. Saxon Henry says:

    I think this is the dilemma shared by so many of us, and I’ve struggled with it off and on over the years because I work at home, having gone through some great stretches of isolation. I actually get offended now when I hear anyone say that social media can be a cop out for people who don’t have the skills to engage in person. I have found that some of the smartest, funniest, most like-minded people I’ve ever met are right there on twitter with me and I have more fun having exchanges with them than most of the not-so-intersting people I’m thrown into contact with on a weekly basis wherever I am. My life is much fuller since I moved back to NYC and I do believe that sometimes feeling isolated has a great deal to do with where one lives. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that your “tribe” will be moving into your neighborhood soon.

  4. What an honest answer. I know what you mean. It’s hard to find someone to trust when brainstorming. You have to be safe to be vulnerable in sharing ideas. I have like two friends who I trust that way, one of whom is my husband.

  5. Hollie says:

    I feel ya! And you are not alone; there are lots of people out there with “walls” up to protect themselves.

  6. Joseph says:

    You know, Saxon, there’s a lot of truth in what you said. Don’t get me wrong; I am an outrageously happily married man (35 years in August), and I am NOT on this social media thing to hook up in anyway whatever. But I have met a number of very nice people, and one of the best parts of KBIS last week (which is why I didn’t post for this subject—as I really, really wanted to!) was meeting some people I’ve known just through Facebook posting and the like. I met Paul Anater in person in Toronto, and at KBIS I met Susan Serra, Jamie Goldberg, Sarah Lloyd, and Pam Rodriguez. We didn’t have a chance to really talk to Susan and Jamie, but my blogging partner Joe Dusel and I had wonderful conversations with Sarah and Pam. What was cool, I think, is finding out that they’re just as nice as they seemed when I only knew them as Internet people. And Paul… well, I guess everybody knows Paul by now because he’s everywhere. But he’s a hell of a nice guy, and I’m glad to have finally met him in person.

    Bridget, I bounce everything off my wife, and she with me. We always have, and we say just what we think, which is wonderful. What is the point of asking for an opinion, if you’re not going to get an honest answer? I also have blogging friend in Florida whom I’ve actually never met, but she’s a nice lady with a lot of good suggestions—and me for her, so it’s become a good friendship.

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