Truth v. Fact

This edition of Let’s Blog Off is a rather philosophical one. Asking people to discern between truth & fact is similar to asking, “What came first? The chicken or the egg?” Everyone’s posts should be interesting, to say the least.

To begin my quest, I started to look up the definition of each word. I thought that would be too obvious. I went back to the drawing board and hit upon an idea. I let the words “speak” to me and decided to use their connotation.

Fact. The word is short and hard. When I hear the word fact, I think of science and other cut-and-dry areas. It is something that can not be argued. No questions allowed.

Truth. The word is short, but soft. It involves emotion. There is room for debate in a truth.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe fact & truth go hand-in-hand. A truth a body of facts. A fact is an actual occurrence.

After writing this post, I did look up the meaning of each word on Merriam-Webster’s website to see how far off-base I was. It turns out my definition of fact (an actual occurrence) is M-W’s definition 4b.


One Response to Truth v. Fact

  1. Joseph says:

    A fact is or is not, that part of things is correct. However, I disagree with your assessment of the truth being soft in any way. I think the confusion comes from the way we often use language. My wife likes pretzels and I don’t. That much can easily be stated as a fact. Where it gets a bit hairy is when we go on to say things like, “wonderful salty pretzels with a stein of beer are my own brand of truth.” In point of fact, all that IS a fact is that pretzels are salty. And the person who wrote the preceding—doubtlessly my wife—clearly likes pretzels. But the liking, or not liking, or pretzels is subjective, as it would be with any value judgement.

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