Five Reasons Why You Need a Quality or Process Engineer

Those that know me are aware of the fact that I am a quality & process engineer. They are also aware that I am currently unemployed. As a quest to improve my blog and provide value to this world, I decided that my next topic should be why companies need people like me.

I need to clarify something before I begin. Quality engineers are also found in the IT world. Since my experience lies in manufacturing, the scope of this piece will apply to the manufacturing environment only. However, some of these principles may pertain to IT as well.

Due to globalization, companies are looking to enhance operations while minimizing costs. Quality improves reliability and production. Fewer defects increases customer satisfaction and decreases product claims, both of which affect the balance sheet. Below are five reasons why companies need quality and process engineers. (As a shameless plug, I have included personal examples.)

1. Improved reliability.

  • I helped lead a Kaizen team that improved the reliability of monthly reports. Supplier on-time delivery increased five percentage points.

2. Increased flow/production.

  • While implementing just-in-time (JIT) principles at a joint venture of Texaco, product flow nearly doubled in one work center.

3. Reduced/eliminated waste.

  • I served on a Kaizen team that reduced cycle time by two hours for one process.
4. Enhanced relationships throughout the supply chain.
  • Working with other engineers at Texaco, the company changed suppliers for one material. Not only was scrap reduced 50%, but customers were happier that we were supplying them with higher-quality product. I was happier because my boss was happier. The supplier was happier because I gave them positive feedback.
5. We are versatile.
  • Most of the engineers I know – including myself – are well-schooled in the following areas: statistical process control (SPC), technical writing, auditing, building supplier relationships and lean manufacturing principles.

Companies need to provide value in order to remain competitive. The benefits of having a knowledgeable quality or process engineer on staff are numerous.  We are multitalented and help improve the bottom-line. I can think of no better way to provide value.


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