Cross Your Thumbtack

Thumbtacks are a basic item. We don’t normally think about them unless asked. So when the Let’s Blog Off topic of thumbtacks was announced, I struggled. For some strange reason, I reflected upon my travels and remembered an incident at the Greenville, SC (GSP) airport. Aha! Let the blogging begin.

While working as an engineer for a Texaco joint venture, I travelled to a supplier in Greenville, SC. It was March 2002, a few months after the 9/11 terrorist attacks so airports were still trying to deal with new security procedures.

As I was going through security at GSP to return home, the metal detector went off like it was New Year’s Eve on Times Square. Female police officers swarmed around me and pulled me aside. I opened my carry-on & purse for inspection. One officer pulled out the wand to inspect these items. Silence. She asked me to raise my arms and waved the wand around my upper body. Noise city. The officer asked me if I had an underwire in my bra. I did not think this was a serious question, so I ignored her. She asked me the question two more times before I realized she was serious. My response: “I have a set of 36Ds on my chest. What do you think?” She laughed and cleared me.

Thumbtacks are similar in nature. They support various business operations. From phone directories to basic equations, thumbtacks are used to sustain documents with valuable information. Walk into any cubicle or office. Better yet, think about your own work space. Get my drift?

Another similarity between bras and thumbtacks is that they hurt like heck when they poke you. Five years ago, the underwire in the above-mentioned bra broke. After a few months, this became annoying. I walked into the Victoria’s Secret on Chestnut Street in Philadelphia and bought a new bra. The salesperson was surprised that I was such an easy sell. I did not care; I just wanted a bra with the underwire in its proper place.

Thumbtacks are the same way. Try stepping on thumbtacks that fell on the floor or poke a finger with one while multi-tasking. It hurts.

I am certain this post offends some people. To these people, I challenge you to use your critical thinking skills. Hopefully you will see the analysis. To the rest of you, I hope this post gave you some joy. Until next time, support each other and stay safe.


5 Responses to Cross Your Thumbtack

  1. Rufus Dogg says:

    LOL Thumbtacks and bras. Who would have ever made that connection out there in the wild? YOU! 🙂

  2. I agree with you 100% Betsy! Having been *poked* by both of the above mentioned items on more than one occassion, I certainly agree that neither are pleasant! Both will certainly happen again to me since I use both, regularly. Men probably won’t appreciate this post as much as the women, but sometimes it bees like dat! LOL

  3. Uugghhh. I once owned the bra from hell. The wire poked through one end of its little sewn in sleeve. I pushed it back in and stitched it up, and kept wearing it. And it kept poking back out. Then one time after it came out of the washer – ta-da – the wire had completely disappeared from the other cup. What? Yeah, we’ve all heard of the sock monster – but the underwire monster? Needless to say, I finally threw it out. One boob was sadly unsupported and the other was being repeatedly jabbed. Like I said, bra from hell.

  4. Classic analogy. Underwire bras and thumbtacks. Now that is clever!

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