I Got That Feeling


What is home? Is it the structure you live in? Is it where your significant other resides? This philosophical question can only mean one thing: another Let’s Blog Off.

One answer to the ‘What is home?’ question is the cliché ‘Home is where the heart is.’ However, home is more than heart: it is a feeling. It is a warm-fuzzy that you receive when you walk in the door. It is that intangible piece that is indescribable to anyone else but you.

Where is home for me? Sit back and I will tell you. I have moved frequently over the last ten years, and only one place gives me that special warm-fuzzy feeling – Oxford, OH. Oxford is home to my beloved alma mater Miami University. It is true that I reside in Dayton, OH, but Oxford will always be home.

Why is Oxford so special to me? For starters, paying my own way through Miami taught me that I can stand on my own without help. I had good friends at MU that stood by me when times were tough. Oxford was the last place I lived where I felt as if I had a purpose. Lastly, the feeling I get when I go back is one of euphoria. Words can not describe exactly how I feel, but I always feel at home. I feel as if I belong.

I have a different purpose now, to test product and crunch numbers, but it is not the same. Walking into my house in Dayton does not give me the same feeling as walking into a building on campus. It has been awhile since I have lived in Oxford, but it will always be a part of me. It is my home.

Upham Hall


Englewood, 45322


This edition of Let’s Blog Off asks participants to name their favorite show on television (TV). Since the quality of TV shows has declined with the craze known as reality TV, I watch mostly reruns of old sitcoms & news channels. My favorite show is no longer on the air, but nonetheless, it is my favorite.

It was Fall 1990, and I was in high school. A new network called Fox was to air a ground-breaking TV show that centered on teenagers. The show was the brain child of the legendary Aaron Spelling, who created another favorite show of mine, The Love Boat. As an avid TV fan and teenager, I made sure to tune in.

Beverly Hills, 90210 was not an instant hit when it first aired on 4 October 1990. The original premise of the show was about a wholesome midwestern family, The Walshes, relocating to posh Beverly Hills. The show focused on twins Brandon & Brenda Walsh adjusting to their new environment. The show later morphed into more of a teen drama/soap opera and became a smash hit.

When the show originally aired, it was my favorite for a few reasons. First and foremost is that it focused on the teenagers, and not the interaction of the teens with their parents, like so many other TV shows on the air. The main characters were facing many of the same issues that I was facing at the time. As I went to college, they went to college. Another reason is new episodes were aired during the summer, unlike other shows in which reruns were aired. I also tuned in to see the latest hair & fashion styles.

Today I enjoy Beverly Hills, 90210 for different reasons. Mainly, I love the memories of my college years it brings back. My friends and I would tune in religiously to see the latest Brandon/Kelly/Dylan/Valerie drama. (We came up with some interesting drinking games in the process, too.) I also like the fact that I can escape reality for awhile.

Yes, the show is somewhat unrealistic. It is quite unusual for a group of high school friends to end up at the same college. No parents would move overseas and leave the house to their college-aged son. Ask yourself this: what TV show isn’t unrealistic?

The purposes of television are to entertain and allow people to escape. Beverly Hills, 90210 does both. So while the rest of the world is watching reality TV, I will stick with a classic.